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Orange Level: Clinical Services Changes and Visitor Restrictions

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All zones in New Brunswick are now in the Orange Level of New Brunswick's COVID-19 recovery plan.

In the Orange Level, there is a "significant risk that COVID-19 is no longer under control in the province."

The health care system is still able to manage, but under pressure, therefore our resources, services and facilities must be adapted accordingly. More information on Orange Level triggers and directives can be found on GNB's Coronavirus website.

At Horizon facilities, this means:

  • There will be NO VISITORS ALLOWED in our hospitals. Some exceptions to these visitor restrictions are in place for certain patients.
  • Patients are urged to seek alternate options for non-urgent health care needs, rather than presenting to an Emergency Department/Urgent Care Centre.
  • All New Brunswickers should limit travel outside their zone. Residents of an Orange Level Zone are restricted from visiting a Horizon hospital outside their zone. 

To learn more about clinical services changes and visitor restrictions in your area, click one of the links below: