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COVID-19: Vaccinations

Click here for more information on Horizon's COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics.

COVID-19 vaccines

Vaccines help protect you and the people around you. The more people immunized against COVID-19, the harder it is for the virus to spread. This will save lives and lead to the lifting of restrictions. Click here to read more about the Government of New Brunswick's involvement in global efforts to provide vaccines that are safe and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can you still contract and spread the virus once immunized?

A: Vaccination is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread and reduce the impact of infectious diseases. In the case of COVID-19, it may take time to build up immunity in our communities so it is important to continue to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 even once immunized. For more information about vaccination to achieve community immunity, click here.

Q: How safe is the COVID-19 vaccine?

A: Health Canada authorizes vaccines after an independent and thorough scientific review for safety, effectiveness and quality. For more information on this process, including a list of authorized vaccines such as Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and AstraZeneca, click here.

Q: What is the difference between the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and
AstraZeneca vaccines?

A: The Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines appear to have similar efficacy, and they were developed using the newest approaches. No matter where the vaccines are produced, Canada has very high standards set for vaccine and Health Canada only authorizes vaccines in Canada after a thorough and independent review of the scientific evidence.

COVID-19 vaccination update

To highlight the vaccination effort, updates will be posted once a week on the COVID-19 dashboard available at:

Weekly updates will include the number of doses of vaccine received, the number of doses administered, the number of doses held to serve as the second dose and the number of people fully vaccinated.

Q: Where can I find reliable information?

A: There is misinformation and speculation surfacing online, which is a common reaction in situations like this.

Please rely on only credible sources for information from

Misinformation can create unnecessary panic for both our patients and staff, which ties up our resources. Please help us share reliable information from these sites.

For updates on health care services in your area, visit Horizon's Community News Channel, sign up for our e-newsletter, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Rollout of Immunizations

Q: What is new with this vaccination plan?

A: The biggest change is that our vaccine timetable has been moved up due to more vaccine supply from the federal government. Any New Brunswicker who wants a vaccine will be able to get a first dose by the end of June. Click here to read more about the Government of New Brunswick's involvement in global efforts to provide vaccines that are safe and effective.

Q: Who is currently eligible to book an appointment and how do we book it?

A: At this time, people aged 65 and older (including people who are turning 65 before the end of this year) are eligible to book an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine through a participating pharmacy. Over 200 pharmacies in New Brunswick are participating.

Q: What should I do if my group is not currently listed as eligible to book an appointment?

A: An announcement will be made when other priority groups and age groups are eligible to book an appointment for a vaccine. Until then, please remain patient: Don't call 811. Don't call your doctor, or nurse or pharmacist. Calling those professionals ties up resources.


Vaccination Clinics

Q: I've heard Horizon will be offering COVID-19 vaccinations. Can I book an appointment?

A: No. Horizon's COVID-19 vaccination clinics are by invitation and appointment only, starting with groups identified in the Government of New Brunswick's rollout plan. More information will be provided to these groups directly, including details on how to book an appointment. To learn more about timelines and priority groups for the COVID-19 vaccine, click here.

Q: I'm a member of a group identified in the Government of New Brunswick's rollout plan who will receive their vaccination at a Horizon COVID-19 vaccination clinic. How do I book my appointment?

A: Horizon's COVID-19 vaccination clinics are by invitation and appointment only. More information will be provided to these groups directly, including details on how to book an appointment. Until then, we ask that you do not call a Horizon facility or health care provider to ask about a vaccination clinic appointment.

Q: How do I apply for a position at the vaccination clinic?

A: If you are not currently employed by Horizon and are available to provide on-site support during COVID-19 vaccination clinics, please use the following link:

If you are currently employed by Horizon and working part-time or casual and looking to pick up extra shifts to assist in these areas, or are working full-time and affected by a service slow down, please speak to your manager. Your manager can add your name to the redeployment tracker with the number of shifts you are available to help with.

Q: How many positions are there to fill at the vaccination clinics?

A: It is estimated that we need to fill approximately 100 positions (clinical and non-clinical) in each of Horizon's five health zones:  Zone 1 (Moncton area), Zone 2 (Saint John area), Zone 3 (Fredericton and Upper River Valley area) and Zone 7 (Miramichi area).

Q: Do I have to be a nurse or have a clinical background to help at the vaccination clinics?

A: No. There are a variety of other, non-clinical/administrative roles available. These positions include screening patients, helping patients navigate the facility, registering patients, and supporting patients in the recovery area. Nurses and other clinical staff are required to provide immunizations at the COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

Q: My nursing license isn't up to date, can I still help at the vaccination clinics?

A: All immunizers must be licensed by their professional association.

To assist with recruiting nurses who may not be actively practicing, the Nurses Association of New Brunswick in collaboration of the Government of New Brunswick is waiving registration fees to renew nursing licenses. They can be renewed in three-month intervals.

Q: When will the clinics begin?

A: The dates, times, locations and other logistics for these clinics are determined based on the shipments of the vaccine we receive and the priority groups identified by government.

The clinics will begin after the priority groups identified by government have been vaccinated and as soon as we receive large shipments of the vaccine. We anticipate this to be late spring or summer. More information on the vaccine rollout is available here.

Q: How long will the clinics last?

A: The clinics will last until most New Brunswickers are vaccinated.

Q: Is there a required time commitment for working at the vaccination clinics?

A: We are asking immunizers to commit to a three-month term. This timeframe aligns with the nursing license renewal. 

There is more flexibility for non-clinical/administrative positions that may not require special training or licensing.

Q: How much will I get paid?

A: The rate of pay is dependent on the position and your experience. This will be reviewed with you by Human Resources.

Q: What training is required?

A: If you are joining Horizon's COVID-19 vaccination clinic team as an immunizer, you must completefourrequired online modules in the Education Program for Immunization Competencies (EPIC) course and the Medical Directive. The Medical Directive consists of reviewing relevant information in the New Brunswick Immunization Program Guide and then being observed and certified by Public Health staff at your first clinic.

Administrative/non-clinical staff will require other forms of online training and on-site orientation related to their specific roles. This will be reviewed with you by Horizon's Human Resources team.

Q: Will I get reimbursed for the time it takes to complete the required online training?

A: Immunizers who take the EPIC course will be reimbursed for four (4) hours of education time.

Q: How do I access training?

A: Once you have completed the redeployment process (for existing Horizon staff) or completed the online survey (all other applicants), Human Resources will contact you with more information.

Q: Are there volunteer positions (unpaid)?

A: At this time, we are recruiting paid staff only. To learn more about volunteering at Horizon click here.



Q. What is happening with the AstraZeneca vaccine in New Brunswick?

A: Health Canada is requiring AstraZeneca manufacturers to conduct a detailed assessment of the benefits and risks of the vaccine by age and gender in the Canadian context. In the interim, in an abundance of caution, New Brunswick will follow the recommendation from Canada's National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) to pause the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for individuals under 55 years of age in Canada. This is due to rare instances of blood clots for people in this age group following AstraZeneca vaccination reported in Europe. To date, no such adverse events have been reported in Canada.

  • Click here for more details.

Q: I've received the AstraZeneca vaccine. Should I be concerned?

A: Of 20 million doses given to date in Europe and the UK, there have been only 25 reports of this adverse event and none in Canada. This adverse event following vaccination is therefore very rare. The risk of COVID-19 remains far higher than the risk of an adverse event after receiving a vaccine. COVID-19 has killed over 22,000 Canadians so far. About 1 in 100 Canadians who get COVID-19 end up needing intensive care and one in five Canadians who are hospitalized with COVID-19 develop blood clots.

Q: Why continue to use the vaccine for people over 55?

A: In the rare circumstances where there have been serious side-effects reported in Europe, it has been in those under 55. The risk of developing serious illness and/or death from COVID-19 is far higher.


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