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Thank you for Horizon staff’s timely response to community crises

(HORIZON)  April 17, 2014 - Statement -  Dear Staff, Physicians and Volunteers, as you are certainly aware, some New Brunswick rivers surpassed flood stage yesterday, affecting residents in several communities across the province and impacting our operations in various communities. From yesterday afternoon through late last night,  staff were dealing with rising waters at three Horizon facilities.  


Water issues forced us to close the Albert County Health and Wellness Centre Wednesday afternoon, the Sussex hospital was close to being inaccessible yesterday  afternoon, and at around 9:00 PM last evening, we made the decision to evacuate all  patients from Hotel Dieu of St. Joseph's Hospital in Perth-Andover and temporarily close  the facility. Thankfully, the transfer of patients to Upper River Valley Hospital was  successfully completed this morning. 


None of this would have occurred so smoothly were it not for the professionalism and  dedication of several Horizon staff members. 


I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Dean Cummings, Executive Director,  URVH, the staff at Hotel Dieu who supervised the evacuation from Perth-Andover,  Dennis Doherty, Chief Emergency Management Officer who provided updates  throughout the night, various members of Executive Leadership for their efforts and for  the Communications staff, who worked at getting the message out to staff and provincial  media at the height of the crisis.  


It is difficult to predict what the river waters will do next, however I am confident that with  Horizon's professional staff, we are well-equipped to deal with what comes our way. It is an honour to work alongside such a dedicated and committed group of people. 


Yours very truly, 


John McGarry

President and Chief Executive Officer

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