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Temporary Reduction in Staffing at the Sussex Health Centre Day Hospital

(SUSSEX) June 7, 2013 - Due to an unexpected decrease in specially trained staff, there is a temporary reduction in chemotherapy treatments at the Sussex Health Centre day hospital.

Horizon Health Network provides a number of chemotherapy treatments, at the day hospital, for patients from the area. This issue affects only patients who receive a chemotherapy treatment using an intravenous drug called Taxol.

Taxol treatments will temporarily be administered at the Saint John Regional Hospital, and patients who receive this drug will be rescheduled for an appointment in Saint John.

This affects approximately 15 patients, who have been attending Sussex Health Centre for that particular treatment.

Saint John and Sussex are working collaboratively to ensure a continuum of care for patients. These are temporary measures only and Horizon expects the staffing issue to be resolved within the next four weeks.


Carole Saucier
Media Relations

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