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Horizon Health Network Introduces Patient Advisory Council

(HORIZON) July 31, 2014 - As part of Horizon Health Network's commitment to improving its delivery of health-care services by focusing on patient and family-centred care initiatives, Horizon is pleased to introduce its Patient and Family Advisory Council.


The council creates a partnership between Horizon administration and the community to advise, guide, monitor and evaluate improvements to patient and family-centred care experiences, and the culture of care throughout Horizon.


The council includes six community members representing various geographic areas. They include: Karen Storey from Moncton; Jane Claxton-Oldfield from Sackville; Russell Whitney from Miramichi; Marie Innes from Upper River Valley; and Kevin Standing from Saint John. Penny Ericson from Fredericton will co-chair the council along with Margaret Melanson, Horizon's Vice President of Quality and Patient Centred Care.


"Our patient advisors share our values and want to see our health-care system improve," said President and CEO John McGarry, Horizon Health Network, adding "Their personal and diverse experiences in health care provide an opportunity for Horizon to further focus on its patient and family-centred care efforts."


Co-chair Penny Ericson said she is encouraged to see Horizon heading in the right direction and hopes to see the advisory council play an important role in improving the way health-care is delivered.


"I've dedicated a good part of my life to the health-care profession and I've also experienced it as the family member of a patient," she said, adding, "I see this as another opportunity to be a part of the solution towards improving health care in New Brunswick."


The council will advise on policies, practices and programs, as well as promote collaboration among staff, physicians and the community with a view toward improved patient and family-centred care.


To date, the council has held three meetings. Membership is expected to increase as the council develops. For more information about the Patient and Family Advisory Council, please visit


For more information contact:

Carolyn McCormack, APR

Media Relations


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