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When your mother told you to take your vitamins, she had good reason

2016 Asthma Allison Burns

By Allison Burns, RRT, CRE, Asthma Education Program Coordinator

HT 2016 10 14bWe all know that we should increase our Vitamin C when we think we are coming down with a viral infection.  We do this because Vitamin C is shown to reduce inflammation.

Dr. John La Puma, an internal medicine physician in the U.S. who is also known as ChefMD, highly encourages that any person who has asthma should eat a Vitamin C-enriched diet as inflammation is one of the main components for asthma.

He states in his book, ChefMD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine, that "people who ate 46.3 grams a day of citrus fruits (about 1.5 ounces) had a 41% reduced risk of asthma compared with those who ate none."

So, in addition to using your medications as directed, add oranges to your next grocery order!  


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