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March is Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month 2016c

By Melanie Goguen, Mango Dietitian, Public Health Miramichi

During the second half of Nutrition Month, Horizon Public Health dietitians are encouraging you to prioritize portions, try something new and make your goal stick!

When it comes to healthy eating, how much you eat can be just as important as what you eat. Follow these tips to manage the munchies while enjoying realistic portions.Nutrition 2015d

  • Use smaller, lunch-sized plates and bowls for meals. You'll eat less but still feel satisfied.

  • Keep vegetables on the table. If you're still hungry, eat a second portion of veggies.

Think healthy eating is bland? No way! Keep it interesting: get creative, experiment with new foods and flavours, and refresh your recipes.

  • Cook create-it-yourself meals with your kids. Try a family taco, fajita or salad bar. With everyone helping, meal prep is easy.

  • Boost protein and fibre in berry smoothies by adding cooked red lentils.

Nutrition Month 2016b

Planning how you'll manage healthy-eating roadblocks before they happen is key to success. Setbacks on a journey to healthier habits are a normal part of making changes. Get ready with a plan to manage detours:

  • Think about what might get in your way of healthy eating.

  • Brainstorm solutions to get around roadblocks.

  • Put supportive strategies in place. Recruit family and friends to help on your path to a healthier you.

A slip in healthy eating habits is a learning opportunity. When it happens, review your plan, adjust as needed and get back on track.

Finally, need to get back on your healthy-eating track? A dietitian can help!

Don't forget to download Dietitians of Canada's must-have apps, visit:

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