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When your mother told you to take your vitamins, she had good reason


By Allison Burns, RRT, CRE, Asthma Education Program Coordinator We all know that we should increase our Vitamin C when…  Read More

Community led programs, services enhancing overall health


(Horizon) October 13, 2016 - Saint John and Grand Lake area community members now offer innovative programs and services to…  Read More

New awareness campaign helps reduce childhood obesity


(Miramichi) October 3, 2016 - A new initiative to help reduce childhood obesity and raise healthy children is about to…  Read More

Public Health offers in-school immunizations


(Saint John) September 30, 2016 - The 2016-2017 In-school Immunization Campaign will begin this fall. Students in grades seven and…  Read More

BreastfeedHereNB Campaign


(HORIZON) September 29, 2016 ─  Horizon Public Health, in partnership with the Wellness Movement, will launch a breastfeeding campaign to…  Read More

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