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Sexual Health Program

The program goals are to promote and protect the sexual health of New Brunswickers throughout the course of  life, to contribute to increasing the proportion of pregnancies that are healthy and planned, and to contribute to reducing the incidence and prevalence of sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections in the New Brunswick population. Public health offers sexual health promotion activities that target groups and populations in the community.

Topics covered include:

  • Sexual health promotion
  • Prevention and control of sexually transmitted and blood borne infections in accordance with policies and standards documented in the New Brunswick Reportable Diseases and Events Guide
  • Health Protection
  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Population sexual health assessment

Program Principles

The Public Health sexual health program is guided by the following principles:

  • Healthy sexuality is an essential component of overall health and wellness;
  • Positive and respectful relationships contribute greatly to sexual health and wellness;
  • Program development is guided by evidence-informed practices and considers local/regional/provincial epidemiology;
  • Program is delivered using population health approaches;
  • Program is developed and delivered in ways that are culturally acceptable, respectful of gender and sexual orientation, and recognizes the economic, linguistic, demographic and ethnic characteristics of the community;
  • Needs of First Nations people living on and off reserve are considered;
  • Uses an integrated approach to prevention such as application in other public health program areas; and
  • Parents and guardians are the primary sexuality educators of their children.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), can affect the general health, well-being and reproductive capacity of those infected. Participation in sexual risk behaviours can increase your chances of acquiring an STI.

There are many types of STIs, including:

Facilities and programs offering this service: