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Communicable Disease Prevention

HandwashingPublic Health helps stop the spread of diseases.

The Communicable Disease Team (Public Health Nurses and Medical Officer of Health) work to prevent and control the spread of contagious diseases by providing immunizations, health education, counseling, investigation of outbreaks, and follow-up of reportable diseases. The team works closely with physicians, hospitals and long-term care facilities to protect your health.

Prevention and control measures include immunization, hand washing, case follow-up and contact tracing, education, outbreak measures, and partner notification.

Types of Disease

  • Bloodborne, Respiratory
  • Vaccine-Preventable
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Food/waterborne.
  • Insect and animal infections

Partner Notification

Partner notification, a principal means of controlling sexually transmitted diseases, has traditionally been performed by public health professionals. They interview infected persons and contact the sex partners of these persons to notify them and convince them of the need to seek evaluation and treatment (known as "provider referral").

Facilities and programs offering this service:
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