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Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography (Coronary CTA)

What is a coronary CTA?

A coronary CTA takes pictures of the moving heart and great vessels. This procedure can detect blockages in the coronary arteries.

Preparing for a Coronary CTA

  • Do not consume any form of caffeine 8 hours prior to the study.
  • Do not eat any solid food for 4 hours prior to the study.
  • Do not take medications for erectile dysfunction (e.g., Viagra® (Sildenafil), Cialis® (Tadalafil), and Levitra® (Vardenafil)) for 72 hours prior to the exam.
  • Please take all other medications as usual.
  • Inform your doctor or radiologist if you are having an acute asthma "flare-up" as you should not take Metroprolol (given to you as a part of the exam).
  • You should always inform your doctor and X-ray or CT technologist if you are or might be pregnant.

Risks or Complications:

Minimal exposure to radiation

How long will a coronary CTA take?

Plan on being at the hospital for several hours

After Your Procedure

  • The radiologist will evaluate your study and issue a report to your doctor.
  • Be sure to eat and drink plenty of fluids.
  • Arrange to have someone drive you home.
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