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What is Oncology?

Oncology includes the diagnosis of cancer and the provision of a broad range of cancer care services for adults and children with cancer, as well as those individuals at risk for cancer. Cancer care is delivered in a variety of settings throughout Horizon, and includes prevention, screening, early detection, diagnosis, education, treatment, supportive care, rehabilitation, and palliative care.

A team of health care professionals provides patient and family-focused cancer services, including medical consultation, treatment planning, treatment (including chemotherapy and surgery), counseling, follow-up, and unscheduled care related to cancer treatment.
Children with cancer go outside the region for initial treatment planning.

Consultation for symptom management or palliative care with the palliative care physician is available at any point during the person's experience with cancer. People who have terminal cancer may be referred to the palliative care service by their family doctor or Oncologist.

What I need to know.

Visiting to Oncology areas is limited, especially if you have any cold or flu symptoms, as our patients are at high risk for infection. Proper hand hygiene is very important for prevention and spread of infections. Please check with the nurse prior to visiting a patient.

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Horizon Health Network Oncology Program


The Horizon Health Network Oncology Program is recognized as centres of excellence for the treatment of malignant disease. It offers comprehensive services that provide Adult Tertiary Cancer Care to citizens of New Brunswick, particularly from the Saint John and Fredericton Areas at a variety of locations throughout New Brunswick. To learn more about the history of our Program click here.

Our purpose is to enable equitable and timely access to evidence-based, holistic care for individuals, families and communities across the care continuum. We use collaborative efforts and innovative approaches to address the unique challenges of improving the quality of life of our patients and their families. We strive to ensure health and wellness in the workplace and in the community.


The Moncton Hospital - Dr. Sheldon H. Rubin Oncology Clinic

2016 08 31The Moncton Hospital's new facility is a much larger open space, allowing patients to have someone stay with them during their 2 to 3-hour treatments. The Friends of The Moncton Hospital and Horizon opened this new 17,000-square-foot facility. Click here for details.





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