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Saint John Mental Health Recovery Services

Mental Health Recovery Service is a wellness and recovery-based service for individuals living with a long-term and persistent mental health illness


Clients must be formally connected to the Community Mental Health Clinic, be 18 years or older, and have a severe and persistent mental illness.


Programming is based on the Recovery Model which focuses on enabling clients to reach goals based upon their individual choices, hope, improvement, independence, personal responsibility and participation in meaningful activities.




Programs offered include a full community kitchen, canteen, laundry, hairdressing, educational sessions, recovery classes, evening social events, physical activities, and social outings.


Partnerships include a number of community agencies, such as the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work, the Learning Exchange, Social Development, and Alternative Housing.


157 Duke Street, Saint John, E2L 1N7

Telephone:  (506) 658-3196

Fax:  (506) 643-6094

Hours of Operation:  Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm

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