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Our Team

Program Coordinator - The Program Coordinator is responsible for the development, implementation and coordination of P.E.E.R. SJ services. Their role is to coordinate both formal and informal care providers and peer supports to enable individuals to pursue their goals.

Human Service Counsellors - P.E.E.R. SJ employs 3 full-time Human Service Counsellors. They help plan and implement various group activities and are available for one-on-one support. They can also help with accessing services and resources in the community. 

Peer Support Specialists - There are several Peer Supports employed part-time at P.E.E.R. SJ , who are recovering from mental health illnesses themselves and are working on their personal wellness journey. They are able to counsel young adults who are experiencing the same illnesses. In order to be a Peer Support Specialist, these individuals completed a 1-week intensive training program in Nova Scotia. The Peer Support Specialists provide a personal experience that the young adults can relate to.

Administrative Assistant - The Administrative Assistant handles all secretarial duties at P.E.E.R. SJ . If you have any questions about services or want to learn more about P.E.E.R. SJ , the Administrative Assistant is available to answer them. 


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