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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Clinic

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, inflammatory, neurodegenerative disorder that affects the central nervous system. MS is unpredictable in its overall course, in the type and severity of symptoms experienced by each patient, and in its long-term outcome. Although the disease is seldom fatal, it can be severely disabling, with approximately one third of patients requiring ambulatory assistance within 10 years of diagnosis. 

The MS Clinic is located at the Saint John Regional Hospital. Dr. Gregg MacLean Director of the MS Clinic works collaboratively with our team of Neurologists, Physiatrists and the MS Resource Nurse to ensure the best possible care and treatment for patients.  Our case management approach to care is aimed at improving quality of life and independence for patients living with MS. We are actively involved in MS clinical trials and research projects. 

Patient care through the MS Clinic may include:

  • Assessment by a Neurologist and Physiatrist
  • Extramural referrals and accessibility
  • Access to our Rehabilitation Day Program
  • Referral for Botox for pain and continence care
  • Neuropsychology evaluation
  • Urology Wellness clinic referrals and follow up
  • Liaise with pharmaceutical company patient support / compassionate care programs
  • Referrals to Social Development (disability support program, case workers, protection)


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