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The Moncton Hospital School of Radiological Technology

Mission Statement

The Moncton Hospital School of Radiologic Technology is committed to providing the healthcare community with competent and compassionate radiological technologists.


Program Goals

Provide a high quality accredited radiological technology program.

Recruit and admit students with exemplary potential for the field of radiography.

Provide a safe learning environment in all didactic and clinical activities.

Cultivate the value of lifelong learning, knowing the importance of growth and development within the field of radiography.

Provide an education which promotes effective communication within the healthcare environment.

Foster critical thinking skills to enable effective problem solving skills in the clinical environment.

Ensure students meet all competencies outlined the CAMRT Competency Profile for Radiological Technology.

Graduate qualified individuals who have the ability to successfully meet the educational requirements for certification by the CAMRT.

Graduate students with the ability to deliver quality care to a diverse population in a safe and compassionate manner.

Ensure student, graduate and employer satisfaction with the program.