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Strategic Plan

Strat Plan EN

Our Mission

An organization's mission statement describes its core purpose or "raison d'être". After significant consultation, we have determined Horizon's new mission will be:

     Helping People Be Healthy 

Good health lies at the heart of our daily quality of life. It is what all New Brunswickers want for themselves and those they love. Helping New Brunswickers be as healthy as they can be is the shared purpose that motivates all those who work at Horizon on a daily basis. We achieve best results through placing our patients and clients at the centre of our health delivery system. We seek and require the support of communities and other stakeholders to best serve our population.

Our Vision

Our vision statement describes our organization's long-term aspirational state - what it is we are striving to achieve in the future. Again, after significant consultation with our stakeholders, we have determined that Horizon's new vision will be: 

     Exceptional care. Every person. Every day. 

Horizon, through our staff, physicians and volunteers, must seek to be more than simply adequate - or even very good - at what we do. We must always hope to exceed the expectations for every person who looks to us for service, and to do this for each and every interaction with our patients and visitors, through the event or during the stay with us, and even after our patients have been discharged. Nothing short of aspiring to give exceptional care will allow us to do our very best. 

Our Values

Organizational values define the expected standards of individual behaviour within the organization. The mission is "what" an organization exists to do. Its values are "how" it intends to act in the fulfillment of that mission. At Horizon, the following values guide how we work together and serve our patients, their families and each other: 

     We show empathy, compassion and respect.

     We strive for excellence.

     We are all leaders, yet work as a team.

     We act with integrity and are accountable.

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