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Saint John Area

Patient Representative 1-844-225-0220 


Saint John Regional Hospital

Emergency Services 911

Tele-care 811

Switchboard 648-6000

Addictions and Mental Health Services 658-3737

Extra Mural Program 649-2626

Extra Mural Program, Kennebacasis 848-4600

Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation 648-6400

Volunteer Services 648-6523


St. Joseph's Hospital

Switchboard 632-5555

St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation 632-5595


Charlotte County Hospital

Switchboard 465-4444

St. George Addictions and Mental Health Services 755-4044

St. Stephen Addictions and Mental Health Services 466-7380

Extra Mural Program, Eastern Charlotte 755-4660

Extra Mural Program, St. Stephen 465-4520

Charlotte County Hospital Foundation 465-4433


Grand Manan Hospital

Switchboard 662-4060

Addictions and Mental Health Services 662-7023

Grand Manan Hospital Foundation 662-4060


Sussex Health Centre

Switchboard 432-3100

Addictions and Mental Health Services 432-2090

Sussex Health Centre Foundation 432-3105

Extra Mural Program 432-3280



Switchboard 649-2550


Lonewater Farm

Switchboard 757-2450

Ridgewood Addiction Treatment Centre  

Switchboard 674-4300

Uptown Clinic   

Switchboard 632-5795


PEER 126 658-5374


Medical Clinics

Campobello Health Centre 752-4100

Deer Island Health Centre 747-4150

Fundy Health Centre 456-4200

Kennebecasis Valley Health Centre 848-4610

Médisanté Saint-Jean 648-8020

St. Joseph's Community Health Centre 632-5700

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