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When Barry and Mary-Lynne Girvan set off from Moncton for a day trip to Wolfville, Nova Scotia in June, the last thing they expected was to receive a call from the RCMP. Their daughter, Grace had been in a serious accident and was unresponsive. Almost to their destination, they turned back for the drive to Horizon’s The Moncton Hospital, hoping Grace wouldn’t die before they got there.Read More

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How ethics will support Horizon’s response to COVID-19 outbreak

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Infection control is paramount in preventing the spread of COVID-19

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How Horizon is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak

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Horizon’s Baie-Sainte-Anne Health Centre to close Mondays and Wednesdays

(BAIE-SAINTE-ANNE) March 18, 2020 - Horizon's Baie-Sainte-Anne Health Centre will be closed Mondays and Wednesdays until further notice. This closure…Read More