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Patient Representative

What are Patient Representative Services?

Horizon Health Network offers Patient Representative Services, which, reflects our commitment to patient-centered care, and enables us to be more responsive to patients' concerns and questions. Families, patients and staff in all of our facilities can contact the service for information, support, encouragement and assistance. The Patient Representative or designate acts as a bridge between the patient, family, and hospital staff and systems, helping to enhance communication and resolve misunderstandings or problems.

The Patient Representative Service can:

  • provide a clinically independent forum for patients/families/appropriate others to voice concerns or to share compliments. Click here to submit a complaint.
  • with the permission of the patient or his/her substitute decision maker to act on their behalf to arrange of the appropriate review of complaints, concerns, inquiries and needs
  • arrange a meeting, if required to resolve the matter, between relevant hospital staff and the patient/family
  • provide feedback to patients/families about actions and outcomes with respect to their situation  
  • provide information about patient's Rights and Responsibilities
  • provide information about hospital policies and procedures

Contact Information

Toll-free within or outside New Brunswick: 1-844-225-0220 

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