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Horizon News

Moncton Area News

Mental Health Awareness Week Open House


(Moncton) May 6, 2015 - In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, Horizon Health Network, in partnership with a number of…  Read More

Statement: Family Planning Clinic is now open


(Horizon) May 4, 2015 - Horizon Health Network's Family Planning Clinic at The Moncton Hospital is now open. The clinic…  Read More

Advance care planning information session at The Moncton Hospital


(Horizon) April 13, 2015 - In honour of National Advance Care Planning Day, The Moncton Hospital is inviting the public to…  Read More

The inpatient admission unit at the Sackville Hospital has been reopened to visitors


(Horizon) February 27, 2015 - The inpatient unit at the Sackville Hospital reopened yesterday. On February 23, due to a…  Read More

Temporary closure of inpatient admissions to the Sackville Hospital


(Horizon) February 23, 2015 - Due to a number of patients who have become ill with nausea and vomiting, the…  Read More

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