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Moncton Area News

Learn more about stroke care


(Moncton) September 8, 2014 - A public forum devoted to learning more about strokes and the role of stroke care…  Read More

Moncton Physicians Donate $10,000 to RCMP


(MONCTON) June 26, 2014 - Today, a donation for $10,000 was presented to RCMP Superintendent Marlene Snowman, Officer in Charge,…  Read More

The Moncton Hospital to receive specialized equipment


(MONCTON) June 25, 2014 - The Moncton Hospital will receive a new single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) CT machine…  Read More

Clinical Telehealth Open House Set for June 10


(MONCTON) June 9, 2014 - Public Service Announcement - In order to raise Telehealth awareness and provide access and information…  Read More

Media Statement - Moncton Shooting


(MONCTON) June 5, 2014 - Media Statement JOHN MCGARRY, PRESIDENT AND CEO, HORIZON HEALTH NETWORK As this unthinkable tragedy continues…  Read More

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