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Baby-Friendly Initiative - Message to participants

Thank you to everyone who participated in Horizon Health Network's first Baby-Friendly Initiative survey. Your feedback will be instrumental in moving this initiative forward.  We are grateful for the overwhelming number of respondents who took the time to share their experiences with Horizon.

Hearing from our families allows us to better understand what is working and what needs to improve. Your willingness to share your experience will help guide the way forward.

They survey provided interesting data, including:

- 75% of mothers reported receiving information about going skin-to-skin with their baby;

- 66% of moms left hospital knowing where they could get help with feeding their baby if it was needed; and

- 76% of moms were aware of safe-sleep practices for their new baby.

Based on the survey results, Horizon is in the process of refreshing staff education and resources to support new families with feeding their baby, whether it be breastfeeding or formula feeding.  Horizon will be updating resources for families about the importance of skin-to-skin contact, immediately after birth and during any procedure that may upset the baby.

Your insight and feedback is appreciated and valued! We look forward to continuing to work together to ensure a positive experience for every new family.

Horizon is committed to supporting all of our families as you care for your babies.

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