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P.E.E.R. 126

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P.E.E.R.126, which stands for Peers Engaged in Education and Recovery, is a community-based, addiction and mental health service that focuses on a positive future for young adults. Staff  work with individuals to help them meet their recovery goals such as returning to school, finding employment or an apartment and re-establishing social groups with their peers.


Art WorkArt - come and enjoy the art room, which is kept stocked with plenty of supplies. We offer art classes at specific times listed on our calendar, or come in and express yourself on your own time!

Yoga - Yoga can aid in recovery from both physical and mental illness.

WES Program - The Workplace Essential Skills Program is a 10-week program to help participants develop skills to make them competitive in the workforce.

Talk with the Doc - Come and talk with a local psychiatrist in a group session. You can submit questions anonymously beforehand.

MusicMusic Therapy - Music therapy offers several benefits including increased self-awareness and insight. Music therapy can include any of the following: song writing, singing, visualization, meditation, music improvisation, lyric analysis and discussion, creative expression, and instrument playing.

Please call for information on how to access any of the above services.

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