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June 2016 Announcement - Clinic named "Dr. Sheldon H. Rubin Oncology Clinic"

"We would like to congratulate Dr. Sheldon Rubin, whose legacy as a hematologist has been honoured as the new name for The Moncton Hospital's oncology clinic. As the founder of the clinic 47 years ago and as an incredibly dedicated physician, we can think of no one more deserving of this honour.  … One of New Brunswick's most experienced and knowledgeable cancer specialists, Dr. Sheldon Rubin spent nearly five decades caring for patients facing some of the toughest health challenges. In doing so, he earned a reputation for his kindness, compassion, humour, professionalism and quality care." - New Brunswick Medical Society

On Friday, June 10, 2016, Horizon Health Network and the Department of Health, announced the Oncology Clinic at The Moncton Hospital would be named the Dr. Sheldon H. Rubin Oncology Clinic.

The announcement came as a surprise to Dr. Rubin, an Oncologist and Hematologist, who was expecting only a celebration of his recent retirement.

The event was attended by hundreds of guests, including family members, former patients (including one of the first patients Dr. Rubin treated, more than 40 years ago), former colleagues, dignitaries, medical and administrative staff, and members of the Horizon Board and Executive Leadership Team.

Health Minister Victor Boudreau couldn't finish making the official announcement before the room broke out in a round of applause and standing ovation. 

"I don't think I've seen a government decision happen so quickly," he said.

"Dr. Rubin is a well-respected oncologist/hematologist in both New Brunswick and Canada," he said. "It is only appropriate to name the facility after him since Dr. Rubin played such a key role in establishing it."

The oncology clinic, which consists of a single wing to The Moncton Hospital, opened in 2014 and began treating patients in early 2015. It provides one of the most active medical oncology services in the province.

"With this honour, Dr. Rubin's contributions to the hospital, the community and field of medicine, his strong patient-physician relationships and his spirit of teamwork and co-operation with colleagues will inspire all who are treated or work in this state-of-the-art clinic," said David Ferguson, former board chair of Horizon Health Network.

Many of those who worked with Dr. Rubin during his time at The Moncton Hospital shared memories - of both his personal and professional sides.

Nancy Parker, the hospital's executive director, spoke of Dr. Rubin's lasting legacy in Oncology.

"(His) presence on the unit, when there was a crisis, always provided a sense of calmness during that chaos," she said. "As the staff knew, not only were they in good hands, but so were their patients."

Ms. Jean Manship, a retired Oncology Clinic Nurse Manager, worked alongside Dr. Rubin for 26 years.

She remembers Dr. Rubin, and the pharmacy team, treating a patient with arsenic. Though the unfamiliar treatment was scary at first, the patient did very well and the health care team grew in their practice.

A few years later, Ms. Manship was at a national conference, and heard from nurses in Western Canada who were treating a patient with arsenic.

"We were so happy to say, 'Oh, we've done that'," she said. "My point here is to say how proud we were to know that the standard of care we were providing our patients was consistent with the larger centres across Canada."

Dr. Gordon Dow, Infectious Diseases Medical Director, Ambulatory Care, reinforced Dr. Rubin's primary role - as a doctor.

"Many, many lives have been saved through this work," said Dr. Dow.

Dr. Jimmy Noonan, retired Clinical Department Head, Medical Imaging, believes his friend to be one of the best physicians in New Brunswick.

"In the pantheon of all the great physicians that I know, Sheldon's name would be right there with the greats of the game," he said. "I can tell you, if there was such a thing as a Mount Rushmore of fine physicians in this province, Dr. Rubin would be right up there with them all."

Dr. Rubin officially retired from The Moncton Hospital in April 2016, after working at the same institution for his 41-year medical career. 

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