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Volunteer Opportunites

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You can apply for any of the following volunteer positions, we will do our best to match your interests and availability with the needs of our local facility.

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Auxilary Volunteers

To support and enhance Auxiliary-related activities within our facilities.  To assist the Auxiliaries in their fundraising endeavours.

Book and Magazine Distribution

To provide a convenient and courteous mobile book service to patients.  To maintain the upkeep of reading materials in waiting areas.

Community Volunteer

To enhance the quality of life of patients by providing emotional support.  To provide opportunities for members of the community to volunteer within Horizon facilities.  All volunteers will be screened and trained within the organizations they are representing. 

Friendly Visiting

To enhance the quality of life of patients through Friendly Visiting.  To provide social stimulation and a sense of friendship to those who can benefit from interactions with others.

Gift Shop

To support the Auxiliary in their fundraising efforts by assisting in the operations of the Coffee and or Gift Shop.  To provide a friendly and enjoyable shopping experience.

GreeterVolunteer Desk

To welcome and direct patients and visitors as they enter various hospital areas.  To provide assistance to individuals and ease their fears and anxieties during their hospital visit.

Hair Salon

To assist the Beautician by escorting patients to and from their appointments, receiving payment for services, maintaining cleanliness of the salon, confirming and making appointments.

Host and Hostess

To enhance health care services by providing comfort and support to patients and families in clinics, waiting areas, recovery and family rooms.  The volunteer acts as a liaison between staff and awaiting family members.

Palliative CareBaking Muffins Compressed

To act as a support system to help patients live as comfortably as possible.  Assist families during a loved ones illness by providing emotional support and comfort measures.

Pet Therapy

To provide opportunities for patients to interact with animals by utilizing an accredited Pet Therapy Program.  To provide social stimulation to those who can benefit from interactions with volunteers and animals.

Plant Care

To maintain and beautify indoor and outdoor plants/gardens. 

Refreshment Cart

To provide a convenient and courteous mobile shopping service to patients, staff and visitors. 

Special Assignments

The Special Assignment Volunteer is a registered Horizon Health Network volunteer who has been selected to assist hospital staff with specific tasks for a specified period of time.

Spiritual and Religious Care

To provide support to designated clergy personnel by assisting with in-patient chapel services

Student Program

To provide students with an opportunity to contribute to their local health care setting.  To allow students to gain exposure and skills in various health care professions.

Therapeutic Services

To enhance services in therapeutic departments by assisting professional staff as deemed appropriate.  To assist professional staff by preparing materials and engaging in activities as assigned by the therapist.

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