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Official Languages

Improving Your Health care Experience

At Horizon, we are committed to offering the highest quality health care to all members of our community and have taken many initiatives to improve access to services for both linguistic communities. These initiatives, which go hand in hand with our Official Languages Strategic Plan, include implementing various policies and procedures relating to official languages, identifying recruitment strategies and initiatives for bilingual staff, and creating bilingual signage and patient material for all Horizon facilities.

Teamwork Skills at Your Service

Horizon supports a team approach to ensure the best possible health care services in the language of your choice. This means that although the first person you speak to may not be bilingual, staff members are trained to locate the assistance of a bilingual colleague when required, to ensure that you are served in the language of your choice. 

Horizon's Official Languages team is here to address any questions and concerns you might have regarding bilingual services in our facilities. To enhance access to Official Languages Services, Horizon has a designated telephone number and email address. All questions and concerns will be addressed in a timely manner.

How to contact us:

Horizon Health Network
155 Pleasant Street
Miramichi, New Brunswick
Tel.: 506-857-5926

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