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Take Care of Your Sexual Health
Sexual experiences should be respectful and safe however, that is not always the case. In Canada and around the world, the trend is clear: sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) are on the rise, and New Brunswick is no exception.Read More
Clean Hands Save Lives
Flu season is upon us, but you can play an active role in staying healthy and preventing the spread of the flu virus. Seasonal influenza, or the flu, is a serious illness.Read More
Improve Your Health in 2014
As we age, our health becomes more difficult to maintain. If you smoke, kicking your nicotine habit is a great place to start on the road to overall health improvement – in fact, over 60 per cent of smoking Canadians want to quit.Read More

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Hotel Dieu of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Perth-Andover – Temporary Closure

(HORIZON) April 17, 2014 - All 23 patients from Hotel Dieu of St. Joseph's Hospital in Perth-Andover were successfully evacuated…Read More

Thank you for Horizon staff’s timely response to community crises

(HORIZON)  April 17, 2014 - Statement -  Dear Staff, Physicians and Volunteers, as you are certainly aware, some New Brunswick rivers surpassed…Read More

Horizon Health Network to participate in a transplantation reporting pilot project

(SAINT JOHN) April 17, 2014 - Tissue and organ transplants are life saving procedures that improve and protect the health of Canadians…Read More

Temporary Closure of Albert County Health & Wellness Centre

(HORIZON) April 16, 2014 - Public Service Announcement - Due to water issues, effective immediately, we have had to close the…Read More